I like Bacon even though I am trying to stay away from meat... Modeling is cool and fun and it helps if you're 5'10"(Like Me).... Lord of The Rings is cool don't judge :) When I grow up I want to be a News Correspondent in London and travel the world!! "Bake your cake with all you want and only choose the finest ingredients. Don't take your cake out to early it might not be done and don't forget it you don't want it to overcook". -Mecca Slaughter
  • I’ll Vent Now

    When I got the position I was excited. I couldn’t wait to do new activities and I couldn’t wait to bring in the new freshman and lots of other stuff. I was one happy camper. this is what I wanted.

     Then here came the haters. Some upper classmen and women didn’t want me in this position. They wanted me to screw up, they wanted me to quit the day I was elected.

    I was going to. I thought about it and thought that if I just said I had to much stuff on my plate people would understand. And even when school is not in session I feel that there are haters who don’t want to see me or my board succeed.

    If you don’t like me or my leadership, tell me so I don’t have to cry at night and stress out about the things that I think people are saying.


    I am still recovering from my surgery and I they told me to rest. I cant rest because every second of my day is devoted to my organization. Every second.

    But let me tell you this, I WILL not allow haters to control my life. I WILL not allow the haters to bring me down. I WONT let that happen.

    I am going to get through this because I know I can and nobody is going to bring me down.

    I am done venting now.

  • Life

    Others: Where’s your boyfriend Mecca?


    Code for: I have no idea…Who want me?…..He ain’t found me yet!….He don’t know we dating

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    Bethann Hardison on racism in the fashion industry.

    From About Face: Supermodels then and now

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    This will always be my favorite post on tumblr

    This is so sad…Rip. Proof

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  • Dear my art talented friends

    I was just thinking, I do that sometimes, that when I buy a house I want you all to paint walls in my house.

    I want to give you a room and let your imagination run free.

    I think people who are blessed with the gift to draw and paint and create sculptures should be allowed to do that.

    Hold me to this, this will happen

    Goodnight world, you’re awesome

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    'Life is Beautiful' by Mr. Brainwash ~ Los Angeles, California

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    Over the past 20 years, 15 African-Americans (17 collectively) have all taken an oath: “To protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers.”


    always here for the black rangers

    This is what I meant! jayymars this could be us!

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  • The love of food

    You know you love food more than people when you Google “deep fried sandwiches” and start thinking if you have enough oil in your pantry to accomplish the unhealthy goodness

    P.S. I own a deep fryer

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    The best candy shop a child can be left alone in, is the library.

    — Maya Angelou

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